Sunday, 10 July 2011

Breakfast in Montreal

I know it has been a few months since I last blogged, lots has happened. A computer virus for one, starting a new job and a few holidays too! I have not blogged about Hawaii because the food wasn't the greatest, perhaps we were unlucky with our choices, but then again Hawaii is still a state of the great US and A and I am thinking that has something to do with it...
The food in Montreal was totally the opposite, AMAZING! Because we ate so much in Montreal I have a series of blogs, this is part one called, Breakfast in Montreal.

On the plane over I was scanning the pages of the lonely planet looking for food suggestions, they had recommended a brunch place called "Eggspectation". At first I was interested as it boasted 8 different types of Eggs Benedict, but then I read on and noticed it was a chain and I am not the biggest fan of chain restaurants. I put a mark on the map just in case. It just so happened that on our first morning wandering the streets of Montreal we stumbled upon Eggspectation, we were hungry so we went in. I thought it was quite a cute place, mostly decorated with ornamental egg art work.

Yes the menu had 8 different types of eggs benedict and I could not bypass the traditional one. It was good, probably not the best I have had but I ate it and the eggs were runny and the ham was delicious, and for $9.99 who can complain really. Breakfast is so much cheaper in Canada compared to Australia.

Day two - Canada day and also known as moving day in Quebec - we had a hankering for crepes, and noticed a creperie the day before while we were walking around the Latin Quarter. We probably walked a few kilometres to get there but found that it was closed, upset but still determined to find crepes we noticed the place next door was open and also did crepes. This place looked much more authentic and interesting.  La Bulle au Carre, 3482 rue Saint-Denis, it boasted traditional crepes from Brittany, France.  

You can see comic artefacts on the tables and on the walls, I read in a review that the owner used to be a bookseller specialising in comics. It does not look busy but there were quite a few people sitting on the tables behind us. The other important thing to note is that Montreal is very European and like many European countries everyone seems to come out at night, it seems the later is gets the busier it gets.
The crepes on the menu are made in a style that is found in Brittany, France. They are savoury crepes made with buckwheat flour and salted. I ordered one with cheese, ham, tomato, and mushrooms $8.00, and it was delicious. I wanted to fit in a sweet one but it was a pretty large crepe, and came with a side salad I was also on a chocolate croissant mission so was planning on eating one of those later. 

Day three - I almost forgot what we had, but then remembered this cafe - Cafe Bistro mon Plaisir, 540 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, it was close to where we were staying. I had a smoked salmon bagel, and a chocolate croissant to eat later on, it was probably the best chocolate croissant I had all trip, sorry I did not take photos! 

Day four - has it's own post because it was such an amazing place with amazing food!

Day five - back to reality in Hamilton!


  1. Hey Michelle - great blog! All the food looks BIG!! XX Kym

  2. I'll say it again. You have missed your station in life. You need to open a Restaurant.

  3. Yummm
    I have missed your blog, glad you're able to write again!

  4. One day I may open my own restaurant, anythings possible. Glad you all liked the blog.