Saturday, 6 August 2011

Part two - Montreal - Poutine

What can I say about Poutine. A heart attack in a snack, well the one we ordered in Montreal certainly was. Poutine originated in Quebec and it is made up of french fries, cheese curds and gravy, additional items are often added. You can find Poutine mass produced in McDonald’s and other fast food places over Canada, but it is not the same as the poutine you can find in some restaurants in Montreal. It was on the list of things to eat in Montreal and recommended in the lonely planet.
After a very long walk all around Montreal including Mont Royal (the highest part of Montreal, a small mountain overlooking the city) we were starving and in desperate need of a toilet. It was a sign, so we stopped at 'Plaisirs Coupables, Snack.Bar.Urbain', for a small snack before dinner. The menu is described as 'decadent comfort food'. We ordered the Poutine with Confit Duck and Foie Gras. It certainly was decadent and comforting however, filling and super rich we were not so sure about dinner later on.


  1. i want to say 'yum', but finding it hard ;-)
    Sure it tasted great though :-)

  2. Yes well it was definitely something we had to try but I am not sure I would eat it regulalry. It definitely is not for everyone.

  3. poooooooutine! This was my favourite heart attack snack after skiing all day, soooo bad but sooooooo good!!!